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Company Mission

  • Mission:

    RahmanX is a Bangladeshi technology company whose mission is to make the impossible possible for humanity through scientific research. To accomplish this mission, RahmanX company seeks out scientists, provides science education and training, provides research grant and funding, and offers research scientist job and internship in Bangladesh and online worldwide.
  • License:

    RahmanX company has trade license to conduct scientific research based business, as well as for several other technological businesses.

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Research Program

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Scientist Selection

  • Apply:

    Regardless of your age, education, or work experience, if you have a lot of passion for science, you should click research at the top or at the bottom to apply to learn, work, and/or collaborate with RahmanX company as a scientist.
  • Qualification:

    RahmanX company does not value conventional school, college, or university educations. If you think you are a genious or a really talented person, you do not need any degree to prove it. Share your scientific innovations or scientific ideas with RahmanX company. You will likely get the help you need to make the most contribution that you can make for humanity through scientific research in Bangladesh.
  • Question:

    If you are the first person to even ask any particular valuable scientific question, RahmanX company will consider you qualified to receive science education or training, research grant or other funding, or research scientist job or internship.
  • Passion:

    RahmanX company does not select people who mainly want money. RahmanX company selects people who want science. If you do not have a passion for science, do not apply for any science program or work of RahmanX company.

Education And Training

  • Science Education:

    RahmanX company provides advanced scientific education to talented individuals at any age. RahmanX scientist certificate, is provided upon successful completion only, which can take months to years, depending on what you can accomplish.
  • Science Training:

    Qualified talented individuals may receive advanced science training from RahmanX company.

Grant And Funding

  • Research Grant:

    With the goal of acquiring or using research results, RahmanX company provides selective research grants in Bangladesh. Medical, computer, and space research grants are available.
  • Research Funding:

    RahmanX company provides funding in collaborative research projects in Bangladesh that aim to help humanity.

Job And Internship

  • Research Scientist Job:

    RahmanX company is the ultimate workplace for Bangladeshi research scientists. No other company in Bangladesh is doing more scientific research.
  • Research Scientist Internship:

    In order to find and grow scientific minds in Bangladesh, RahmanX company provides advanced scientific research internship opportunities to talented individuals of any age.

What Is Scientific Research

  • "Research conducted for the purpose of contributing towards science by the systematic collection, interpretation and evaluation of data and that, too, in a planned manner is called scientific research." Reference
  • "Scientific research is the neutral, systematic, planned, and multiple-step process that uses previously discovered facts to advance knowledge that does not exist in the literature." Reference
  • "Scientific research means any activity in the field of natural or applied science for the extension of knowledge." Reference

Why It Is So Important

  • Scientific research can solve problems, both existing and new ones.
  • "Scientific research is regarded as one of the most important goals of countries and societies seeking to expand their knowledge and scientific infrastructure, and thus achieve prosperity and excellence in all aspects of life." Reference
  • "It is through systematic scientific research that we divest ourselves of our preconceived notions and superstitions and gain an objective understanding of ourselves and our world." Reference
  • "Scientific research is critical to help us navigate our ever-changing world. Without it, we would have to rely on people's opinions, our intuitions and luck." Reference
  • "Research is what propels humanity forward. It’s fueled by curiosity: we get curious, ask questions, and immerse ourselves in discovering everything there is to know. Learning is thriving. Without curiosity and research, progress would slow to a halt, and our lives as we know them would be completely different." Reference

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